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Steam Boiler

We are offering our valued clients an impeccable range of Steam Boiler. We provide boilers in the capacity of 100 Kgs/hr to 3 TPH & working pressure of 4 Kgs/cm2 to 18 Kgs/cm2, plus the solid fuel fired shell type flue tube steam boilers are offered in the capacities of up to 4 TPH and working pressure of up to 18Kgs/cm2. These boilers are available in capacities ranging from 50 Kgs/hr to 400 Kgs/hr. Our products are developed using high-grade material along with latest technology in line with the defined parameters of the industry. These boilers are thoroughly tested before delivery to ensure its efficiency and the satisfaction of our valued clients.

RSR series Shell Type Reverse Flue IBR Certified Steam Boilers manufactured by us are compact, 3-pass, reverse flue shell type boilers designed & manufactured in conformance with IBR regulations. These boilers are available in steam output capacities ranging from 100 kg/hr to 3000 kg/hr. Standard boilers are designed for maximum working steam pressure of 10.5 kg/cm2, whereas special executions are made against specific enquiries for steam working pressure of 12.5, 15 or 17.5 kg/cm2.

RSR series boilers are quite compact, occupying less floor space as compared to conventional 3-pass boilers. These boilers are fitted with mono-bloc type European make burners, which are well suited to operate on conventional fuels such as light oil, heavy oil, natural gas. LPG or in dual-fuel options as per end user's requirement.

Hinged front refractory doors facilitate maintenance and access to furnace and flue tubes. Fully automatic operation with field proven controls and safety in RSR series steam boilers render them ideal for wide applications such as for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, laundries and hospitals.

Available fuel options : Light oil, Natural gas, LPG or dual fuel options

Salient Features of the RSR - Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass Reverse Flue, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • Compact space saving reverse flue, three-pass, shell type steam boilers fitted with mono-bloc burners & standard boiler mountings
  • Easy to maintain and operate as all parts are easily accessible due to hinged doors
  • Ideally suited for steady steam demands permitting larger steam pressure variation
  • RSR steam boilers are highly cost-effective substitution for old coil type boiler installations where conventional 3-pass shell boilers cannot be fitted

Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSR 100100
RSR 200200
RSR 300300
RSR 400400
RSR 500500
RSR 600600
RSR 800800
RSR 10001000
RSR 12001200
RSR 15001500
RSR 20002000
RSR 25002500
RSR 30003000

The Solid Fuel Fired Shell Type Flue Tube Steam Boiler is a horizontal shell type integral furnace, flue tube, solid fuel fired steam boiler. Capacities available are from 500Kgs/hr upto 3 Tonnes/hr steam in single furnace design and upto 6 Tonnes/hr steam in double furnace design. Units are designed as per Indian Boiler Regulations. It can be used on various fuels such as coal, lignite, wood & bagasse pellets. Fluidized bed combustion system is supplied to burn fuels such as rice husk and saw dust.

An induced draft fan is provided for proper combustion and balanced draft in the combustion chamber.

High Thermal efficiency is achieved by using a large furnace, an efficient burning system and correct heat release rate between radiant and convective sections.

Boilers are designed to ensure uniform distribution of thermal and mechanical stresses in heat transfer surfaces.

Salient Features of the RSW - Solid Fuel Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • Minimum space required due to compact design
  • Fast start-up, erection & commissioning
  • Very easy to operate & maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • Hinged doors for easy inspection & maintenance of boiler

Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSW 10001000
RSW 15001500
RSW 20002000
RSW 30003000
RSW 40004000
RSW 50005000
RSW 60006000

Disclaimer : The above clip shows design and working of the equipment. All items shown may not be in standard scope of supply.Please refer to the offer for specific scope of supply. We reserve the right to incorporate our latest design and material changes without any notice or obligation.

Item Code: RSB-Series

The RSB series is a reverse flue, three pass, water tube design steam boiler. It gives quick steam output within 4 minutes from cold start. The combustion chamber and the smoke passages are accurately designed, which ensures that combustion occurs perfectly. It does not require any qualified boiler attendant. It is ideal for small and medium sized plants, where average steam pressure (10 Bar) is required. Units can also be designed for higher pressures.

Salient Features of the RSB - Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Water Tube Coil Type Steam Boilers are
  • Reverse flue design
  • Single coil for easy maintenance
  • Larger pipe diameters
  • Improved efficiency
  • Instant steam generation

The RSB series is also available in horizontal designs, with options of imported burners. Complete skid mounted units can also be offered. The feed water tank, water softener and fuel tank are mounted on one skid.

Units are manufactured in non-1BR designs upto 800 kgs/hr and in IBR certified models of 1000 kgs/hr and above. We also offer coil type steam boilers up to capacities of 3TPH with working pressures up to 32 kg/cm2. Custom built designs can be offered for higher pressures.


Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSB 100100
RSB 200200
RSB 300300
RSB 400400
RSB 600600
RSB 800800
RSB 10001000
RSB 12001200
RSB 15001500

For all steam producing boilers, softened and treated feed water must be used to prevent deposition of hard salts on the inner heat transfer surfaces. This is specially important for once-through coil type designs, where small internal surface of boiler tubes get choked up quickly, causing boiler outage. Ion-exchange type simplex or duplex softeners and chemical dozers are offered by us as standard accessories to ensure regular supply of treated feed water & longer boiler availability.

Another aspect of coil type once-through boilers is feeding of excess water (15 to 20%), necessary to avoid super-heating of steam & to help remove sediments. The output steam therefore carries higher moisture levels. In applications where near dry steam is needed, it is necessary to install steam separators and steam traps in the steam supply lines. A host of accessories, such as feed water tanks, fuel of service tanks, heavy fuel oil ring mains, steam separators, steam pressure reducing stations are available to facilitate correct and cost effective boiler installation.

Item Code: OMEGA-Series

Built to SIB or Class 1 IBR codes in capacities ranging from 300 to 1500 kg/hr steam output, these low cost steam boilers are designed on a revolutionary 4- flue pass tube-less concept. The conventional flue tubes of a shelf boiler are replaced by fin-type flue passages around furnace shell in a vertical orientation. The resultant boiler thus combines the good features of vertical coil type boilers and liberal water/steam spaces of shell boilers.

Salient Features of the OMEGA - Oil/Gas Fired, Tubeless 4 Pass Steam Boilers are
  • Space saving vertical configuration four pass, shell type steam boilers fitted with mono-bloc burners & standard boiler mountings
  • Choice of fuels Light oil, Natural gas, LPG or dual fuel options (light oil/gas)
  • Easy to maintain and operate as all parts are easily accessible
  • Unlike coil type boilers, boiler failure due to frequent choking of water tubes is absent here
  • Low initial equipment cost, low operating & maintenance cost


Model Capacity (kg/hr)
OMEGA 300300
OMEGA 400400
OMEGA 500500
OMEGA 600600
OMEGA 800800
OMEGA 10001000
OMEGA 12001200
OMEGA 15001500

Item Code: RSBE-Series

Electric Steam Boilers are fully automatic units, which provide safe and convenient steam for both industrial as well as commercial applications. Start-up is fast because of the low water volume. Units are available up to pressures of 17.5 kgs/cm2 & capacities up to 1000Kw. Custom built units can be manufactured as per customers specific requirements.

Salient Features of the RSBE - Electric Steam Boilers are
  • Space saving designs
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Clean & quiet operation
  • Fully packaged unit, minimizes site work
  • No fuel tank & chimney required

Specifications for Non IBR Models
Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSBE 1015
RSBE 1523
RSBE 2030
RSBE 3555
RSBE 5078
RSBE 65100

Specifications for IBR Certified Models
Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSBE 130200
RSBE 165250
RSBE 200300
RSBE 260400
RSBE 320500
RSBE 390600
RSBE 450700
RSBE 520820
RSBE 6401000

The RS series of steam boilers manufactured by us are 3 pass conventional wet back design shell type steam boilers. These are manufactured as per stringent Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR).

These boilers are available in steam output capacities starting from 1TPH to 10TPH. Standard boilers are designed for working pressure of 10.5Kgs/cm2. These boilers can be supplied for pressures upto 17.5 Kgs/cm2.These are supplied as skid mounted units ready for installation.

The robust design and construction of these boilers ensures long service life. Units are supplied with two stage or fully modulating burners as per the oil firing capacity. The RS series of steam boilers have a large steam space and ample evaporation surface for good quality dry steam. They are supplied with a standby feed water pump as a standard accessory.

These units are ideally used for heavy duty installations, where steam demand is high.

Salient Features of the RS - Oil/Gas Fired, 3 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • Robust design, with ample evaporation surface for dry steam
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Smoke tubes are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Ideal choice for users with high steam demand.
  • Choice of fuels: Light oil , Natural Gas, LPG, or dual fuel options.

Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RS 011000
RS 022000
RS 033000
RS 044000
RS 055000
RS 066000
RS 088000
RS 1010000

Steam boilers in the output range of 200 to 600 kg/hr are manufactured in two-pass smoke-tube, dry back compact shell type configuration and designed in conformity with SIB/Class 1 IBR codes. These boilers are fitted with FD/ID combustion & hinged refractory doors for ease of operation & maintenance making them quite compact and efficient packaged machines.

Salient Features of the RSW - Solid Fuel Fired, 2 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • 2 pass compact steam boiler built as per IBR
  • Easy to operate and maintain with low power consumption
  • Hinged doors for quick cleaning of smoke tubes
  • Fitted with necessary controls and safety for trouble-free operation
  • Sufficient water/steam volume for steady steam output
  • RSW 300, RSW 400 supplied with ID FD fans
  • RSW 500, RSW 600 supplied with ID fans

Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSW 300300
RSW 400400
RSW 500500
RSW 600600

RSW 80 is a vertical steam boiler with refractory lined combustion chamber. The unit volumetric capacity is less than 25 liters, hence it does not come under the purview of IBR.

Fuel feeding is manual and all other controls like water feed, level control are automatic. It is available normally with working pressure of 5Kgs/sqcm.

Unit is easy to use and maintain, with cheap spares.

The Advantages of the RSW - Solid Fuel Fired, 2 Pass, Shell Type, Flue Tube Steam Boilers are
  • Vertical, forced draft combustion, single pass, compact construction
  • Outside the purview of IBR
  • Economical, safe design, delivers good quality dry steam
  • Fully shop-assembled, ready-to-use design

Model Capacity (kg/hr)
RSW 8080

Disclaimer : The above clip shows design and working of the equipment. All items shown may not be in standard scope of supply.Please refer to the offer for specific scope of supply. We reserve the right to incorporate our latest design and material changes without any notice or obligation.

The RM series combines the benefits of a water tube furnace along with a multipass firetube steaming chamber. This results into higher heat transfer area , hence increasing efficiency as compared to conventional solid fuel fired steam boilers. High efficiency is achieved by properly utilizing the fuels radiant heat in the water cooled furnace and the shell type steaming chamber.

The RM series units are built in accordance with the stringent Indian Boiler Regulations. Each unit is independently tested and inspected by the boiler inspector in various stages, which ensures a good quality product. Various fuels can be burnt in the RM series units, like coal, wood agrowaste, rice husk & saw dust. It can also be used to fire various gaseous and liquid fuels.

It is ideally used where steam is required at high pressures. It can be coupled to a steam turbine to generate power.

Salient Features of the RM - Smoke Cum Water Tube External Furnace Steam Boilers are
  • Reliable & robust construction
  • Large furnace volume for high combustion efficiency
  • Low heat release rates
  • Available with manual as well as automatic firing options for various fuels
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Model Capacity (Tonnes/hr)
RM 033
RM 044
RM 055
RM 066
RM 088
RM 1010
RM 1515
RM 2020
RM 2525
RM 3030
RM 4040

Item Code: RTS-Series

These are custom-built media heated steam boilers, idealy suited to utilize spare heating capacity of existing thermal oil heaters, to supply or augment plant steam. Being un-fired pressure vessels, these are silent, stationery boilers that are easy to operate and maintain.

Essentially, these are horizontal shell and tube type heat exchangers built to SIB or Class 1 IBR steam boiler codes, with the addition of feed water pump, three-way thermal oil pneumatic valve and related controls used in shell boilers. Due to large boiling water and steam storage capacity of the shell, steady dry steam generation is achieved. These are made as completely factory assembled packaged boilers that are ready to install and operate with minimum efforts. RTS steam boilers are easy to maintain and operate, as fuel burning hassles are absent.

Item Code: RWB-Series

Ross manufactures waste heat recovery steam boilers as custom built designs to suit customers specific applications. These boilers are designed with 1, 2 or 3 passes depending upon the flue gas parameters. Steam pressure available are from 7Kgs/cm2 upto 17.5 Kgs/cm2 in the shell type designs.Steam pressure upto 32Kgs/cm2 can be achieved in coil type designs.

Boiler designs are customised for specific job conditions to provide optimum performance and maximum energy savings.

Salient Features of the RWB - Waste Heat Recovery Steam Boiler are
  • Custom built design, suited for specific applications.
  • Expert engineering and design with our years of experience in manufacturing quality boilers.
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain.
  • High quality robust design units.
  • Fast payback period.

Typical applications are incinerators, furnaces, ovens & kilns.

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